New from Orfit: Orfit Flex NS, Orfit Colors NS Bright Pink and antibacterial properties for all our NS splinting materials

Orfit Industries is the only manufacturer of innovative orthotic materials. Our R&D efforts lead to a wider choice of products to satisfy the needs of every medical professional and his or her patients.

NEW – Splinting materials now have antibacterial properties

At Orfit Industries we are always looking for ways to make things better. We have now added an antibacterial property to the majority of our splinting materials, resulting in cleaner and safer orthoses that cannot spread an odour. This makes wearing an orthosis much more pleasant for a patient.

All our NS coated splinting materials, and also Orfit Classic, now have antibacterial properties. Certain bacteria are unable to grow on the surface of our materials. As a result, splints remain odour-free for a long period and they do not pick up dirt from sweating as easily. Additionally, in a clinical environment, bacteria are unable to spread via our materials, which results in a cleaner and more safe environment.

Orfit Flex becomes Orfit Flex NS

Orfit Flex NS

Orfit Flex NS is improved with our new non-stick antibacterial coating. This significantly decreases the imprinting of fingerprints and markings on the product. The Non Stick (NS) coating makes the material easier to handle and gives it a nicer smooth shiny surface with easy maintenance.  It moulds and conforms very well and is much less likely to stretch out of control. The drapiness has become manageable, yet the high degree of conformability remains. Just like all our NS coated materials, Orfit Flex NS will stick temporarily to itself and can be easily separated.

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NEW – Orfit Colors NS Bright Pink

Orfit Colors NS Bright Pink

A 9th colour has been added to the Orfit Colors NS range. Bright Pink will appeal to many and increase the compliance of wearing an orthosis, leading to improved clinical outcomes.

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