Orfit’s Large Digital Dry-heat Convection oven

An easy and reliable device to heat up every type of thermoplastic mask

Orfit recently launched its brand new Digital Dry-heat Convection oven. The oven has several features that are beneficial during mask moulding:

  • It has two large grid platforms for heating multiple masks simultaneously.
  • All sizes of Orfit masks fit in the oven, including the largest head, neck and shoulders masks and extra-cranial masks (inner dimensions: 700 x 570 x 240 mm).
  • The oven has sufficient space to reheat a moulded mask when necessary.
  • It has a homogeneous air distribution to effectively heat up every mask, irrespective of its position in the oven.
  • The oven itself heats up in approximately 10 minutes, which is considerably faster than a water bath.
  • It requires less cleaning compared to a water bath since there is no need to change the water regularly.
  • The oven has an integrated multi-functional digital touch screen with build-in timer to control the heating process. Heating times in the Digital Dry-heat Convection oven are slightly higher than in a water bath, ranging from approximately 10 minutes to 15 minutes, depending on the thickness and type of mask.
  • When heating a mask in the Digital Dry-heat Convection oven, the mask will cool down slower ultimately leading to a longer moulding time on the patient.
  • There are three different types available:
    • 35118/230EU: EU version (230V)
    • 35118/230UK: UK version (230V)
    • 35118/120US: US version (120V)

Read more about the Digital Dry-heat Convection oven and how to heat a mask in it.

a user friendly and reliable device to heat up every type of thermoplastic mask


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