Orfizip Light NS is a lightweight pre-cut material with double-sided zipper for either a left or right wrist immobilization orthosis. The shape, design and soft surface ensure a snug and comfortable fit around the wrist. Patients will appreciate its easy on and easy off capability.

Wrist immobilization orthosis in Orfizip Light NS Ivory


  • Pre-cut wrist orthosis with a double-sided zipper.
  • Excellent stretch.
  • Moderate elastic memory.
  • Antibacterial, non-stick coated material.
  • Can accommodate all wrist sizes.
  • Quick and easy one-step application.
  • Washable, extra lightweight material with a soft velvet surface touch and optimal skin ventilation. Easy to put on and take off.

How it works and looks

  • Each pre-cut can be used to fabricate either a left or right-hand orthosis.
  • Very precise moulding conforms to patient anatomy, for example in the hand arches and first webspace. Accurate moulding improves correct dispersion of skin pressure.
  • Can be reactivated and remoulded. Easy to adjust after reheating locally, which avoids waste of material.
  • The non-stick coating prevents the material from sticking onto bandages or cotton lining (no accidental bonding). All attachments and outriggers can be applied with maximum ease. The antibacterial coating prevents cross-contamination between materials in a splinting department and keeps orthoses hygienic for a longer period of time. Orthoses have a longer life cycle.
  • Available in two different thicknesses, perforations and sizes to accommodate all patients (S-M-L).
  • Time-saving. No additional attachments needed. Length of the zipper can be adjusted (trimmed and sealed).
  • Increased patient comfort and compliance.

Recommended applications

  • Orfizip Light NS is appropriate for all traumatic wrist injuries which require circumferential immobilization.
  • Especially recommended for patients with loss of strength and/or fragile and sensitive skin.
  • Makes an excellent base for outrigger attachments as it will not migrate distally.
Product Information & Education

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