Orfitrans Medium Soft

Orfitrans Medium Soft is a flexible material that is structurally sound and will not cold flow at thinner areas of the flexible interface. The flex modulus is optimized for working with vacuum technologies.

The material will flex inward toward the limb when sitting. It will maintain its shape and the volume does not change or stretch outward. It allows for the change or flattening of the limb when sitting. This ensures that the socket will conform to the change to prevent loss of suspension while maintaining comfort.

Product Characteristics


  • Semi-flexible material.
  • Tougher than Orfitrans Extra Soft.


  • The socket is semi-transparent.

Low Shrinkage

  • No risk for excessive pressure or compression.
  • The socket material will keep the shape and dimension determined by the mold.


  • Negligible stickiness or tackiness.
  • Greatly reduced friction.
  • Talcum powder can be used but is not required.

Working properties

  • Easy to mold.
  • Pulls easily and uniformly.
  • Bubble forming.
  • Non-sticky.

Cold flow

  • Does not absorb oils or moisture, which may cause cold flow issues.
Thicknesses mm (inches)
8 mm (5/16")
10 mm (3/8")
12 mm (1/2")
15 mm (19/32")
Instructions for use
Technical data sheet
Safety data sheet