Stereotactic Head & Neck Solution

Accurate, high comfort, patient and user friendly SRS/SRT head and neck immobilization

The Orfit High Precision (HP) Mask System for Head, Neck and Shoulders offers the precision needed for stereotactic treatments (SRS and SRT) associated with high doses.

The use of an Orfit Hybrid Mask in combination with a three-dimensionally shaped head support provides millimetre precision patient immobilization.

Hybrid Mask

Orfit Hybrid Masks consist of a layer of Efficast thermoplastic material and an additional layer of thin Nanor thermoplastic that acts as a reinforcement.

The combination of two materials offers increased mask stability to create a superior immobilization, while still maintaining a level of patient comfort that is needed for lengthy procedures.

Hybrid masks are available in 3-points and 5-points configurations.

Vacuum bag


A small vacuum bag can be used to create an individual head rest that perfectly follows the contours of the head and the neck of a patient and that eliminates gaps under the neck. This is a perfect solution for patients with a deviating anatomy.

Both the Hybrid Masks and the vacuum bags fit on regular Orfit HP base plates and head supports. They do not require a separate set-up than the one used for regular fractionated radiotherapy. As such, there is no investment needed in additional hardware.


Thermofit is an innovative thermoplastic solution for the creation of a personalized head support in radiotherapy. Thermofit becomes mouldable after heating in an Orfit water bath or an oven. Place the Thermofit in an Orfit HP Head Support before positioning the head of the patient. While the material cools down and becomes rigid, it takes on the exact curvature of the head and neck of the patient.

In a second step a thermoplastic Orfit Hybrid mask is moulded over the patient. In combination with Thermofit it creates an immobilization device that is suitable for high precision treatment (SRS, SRT).