ESTRO 2024

Glasgow, UK

The ESTRO 2024 scientific programme takes place over four days. There are sessions in the fields of brachytherapy, clinical radiotherapy, medical physics, radiobiology and radiation therapy. An exhibition featuring equipment and medical publishers will be held in the Exhibition area. The exhibition will open on Friday evening with the Networking evening and will remain open from Saturday to Monday.
Meet the team
Orfit Team members attending this event
Peter Boodts
Global Marketing Manager Radiation Oncology
Lien Berghmans
Marketing & Communications Support Radiation Oncology
Emilie Cuypers
CFO and Strategic Alliances
Matthias Cuypers
Lionel Geernaert
Product Manager Radiation Oncology
Stephanie Augustynen
Product Manager Radiation Oncology
Hans Deprettere
Sales Export Manager Asia Pacific & Middle East
Petra Johansson
Sales Manager Radiotherapie Nederland
Annette Pechmann
Vertrieb Deutschland Süd
Carla Leuginer
Responsable Commerciale pour le sud
Jan Bosquet
Sales Export Manager Europe and Central Asia
Steven Cuypers
Founder and Chairman
Manfred Peinemann