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Orfit’s immobilization and positioning systems are the tools of choice for radiation therapists because they are easiest to use, while offering superior precision, reproducibility, and comfort for optimal patient care. Orfit has been tailoring products to the meet the unique needs of Radiation Oncology teams for more than 30 years and currently supports more than 1,500 customers worldwide.

“The patient comfort is very good, especially for patients that experience facial swelling due to medication. The radiation therapists liked the way the mask molds and how it fits on the patient on a daily basis.”


Orfit's educational resources include product demonstrations and product insights to help you choose the patient setup and immobilization systems you need for your clinic.


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The AIO Solution® 3.0
Orfit’s advanced modular system fulfills the immobilization and positioning needs of every RT department, big or small.
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SRS-Fix Solution
The perfect balance of rigidity and comfort to meet the high precision requirements of SRS.
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SBRT Solution
Precise, stable, and incredibly easy-to-use to best support patients with thoracic and abdominal tumors.
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MammoRx Supine Breast Solution
Therapists love how easy it is to lift and replace this strong, yet ultra-light and thin positioning device.
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Sagittilt Prone Breast Solution
Provides extreme comfort and reproducibility for this difficult-to-treat location with advanced tilting capabilities.
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Lung Board Solution
Offers a T-shaped hand grip that is adjustable in height that increases patient comfort and positioning reproducibility.
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Pelvic Solution
A full range of immobilization devices designed to support the pelvis and abdomen based on patient- specific criteria.
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The Extremities Solution
Significantly simplify set-up and maximize reproducibility over multiple fractions in a variety of positions.
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Proton Solutions
Soft, personalized head support with less shrinkage than traditional masks, with a proton-specific couch top that reduces positioning uncertainties.
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MR Safe Solutions
Safe and reproducible set-ups during both during simulation and treatment for MRI scanners and MRI linacs.
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Patient Transfer Solutions
Set-up, scan, plan, transfer, and treat patients in the same position using patented hover technology.
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HP PRO Solution
A proton friendly immobilization device
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Couch Tops
Aerial couch top for proton therapy ensures accurate daily postioning, minimal patient motion and increased patient satisfaction.
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Orfit offers an extensive range of accessories to increase help ensure precision and reproducibility, with maximum patient comfort.
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Product Information

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Orfit Industries recognized with Red Dot Award for innovation in radiotherapy
Validation of Orfit's choice to focus fully on research and development.
Wijnegem, April 25, 2023 – Orfit Industries, Belgian family-owned company and developer of medical devices, has won a Red Dot Product Design Award 2023 for their Aerial Couch Top, an innovative, virtually self-supporting treatment table for use in radiotherapy. This cutting-edge product innovation optimizes the impact of radiation during cancer…
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AIO Solution 3.0 Advances Patient Comfort at the Institut Jules Bordet
All-in-One Modular System for Immobilization & Positioning
A universal challenge for radiotherapy teams is to effectively immobilize patients while maintaining patient comfort. The Institut Jules Bordet has achieved this harmony using the advanced AIO Solution 3.0.
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The Orfit Extremities Solution at City of Hope
Comfortable Immobilization for More Accurate Treatments
City of Hope, one of the leading cancer centers in the United States, uses the Orfit Extremities Solution to immobilize patients’ hands, arms, feet, and legs, resulting in more effective and more efficient treatments.
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