The AIO Solution® 3.0

Orfit’s All-in-One solution delivers everything you need to successfully position your patients comfortably for all radiation therapy techniques.

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  • Versatile
  • Accurate
  • Reproducible support
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  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy manipulation
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  • Soft cushions
  • Reduced pressure points

Five Reasons to Choose The AIO Solution

Rapid Workflow

Support reproducible, fast setups

Smart indexing capabilities means setups are easily and quickly reproduced for each fraction and fully compatible with all current radiation devices, including MR.

Ergonomic Design

Make patient comfort a priority

Ergonomic design minimizes pressure points with modern, soft, durable cushions that fit all body types.

Operational Simplicity

Deliver operational simplicity

Lightweight and easy-to-clean components reduce setup fatigue, improve the workplace experience, and contribute to higher throughput.

Maximize Clearance

Maximize clearance, minimize collision

AIO can be set up to fit small CT and MR bores and reduces the risk of collision with the gantry.

Superior Imobilization

Achieve superior immobilization

Orfit’s thermoplastic masks further reduce translational and rotational movements for precise treatment delivery and advanced techniques.

AIO Prone Breast
“Our patients are not asking for any adjustments or additional supports like they used to and our therapists love it.”
-Dept Manager, Southeast US facility
Belly and Pelvis
SBRT Support

Discover the Range
of Possibilities with AIO

You Can Even Index the Cushions
Directly to the Couchtop

The AIO Solution is a modular system that provides flexibility to meet your center’s specific requirements and workflow, enabling comfortable and reproducible treatment for patients with lesions in brain, head and neck, thorax, breast and lung, and pelvis. The AIO base plate is also compatible with Orfit’s high precision thermoplastic masks, which provide submillimeter immobilization accuracy for stereotactic treatments.

SBRT Support

AIO Solution 3.0
Immobilization Needs


Advances Patient Comfort at the Institut Jules Bordet

AIO Solution 3.0
Advances Patient Comfort
at the Institut Jules Bordet


“Because we are a busy clinic trying to provide the best patient care possible, it’s important that our radiation therapists can set up patients accurately and quickly, with reproducibility and comfort. With the Orfit AIO Solution 3.0, the indexing is intuitive and the components are highly adaptable, which makes the system really versatile. We have even had patients comment positively about the level of comfort.” — Dirk Van Gestel, MD, Ph.D., Head of the Department of Radiation-Oncology, Institut Jules Bordet
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