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Orfitrans is an advanced range of thermoplastic materials for the production of check sockets and flexible sockets. Carefully selected raw materials and advanced extrusion technology result in sheet materials with superb aesthetic qualities and outstanding handling and performance characteristics.

The materials pull easily, uniformly and the side walls will not thin out and tear. Tearing and deforming issues are a thing of the past. Issues resulting from cold flow, excessive friction, discoloration and more will be eliminated or minimized.

Orfitrans materials will enable you to more easily achieve the desired patient outcomes while helping you increase productivity/patient throughput.


Orfitrans Stiff
Orfitrans Stiff, our "GOLD STANDARD", has everything you need in a check socket material. It is a very rigid, transparent material that will not break, crack or shatter when dropped.
Orfitrans Excel
The new Orfitrans Excel, available as a semi-transparent and black version, pulls very easy and doesn’t feel tacky or sticky which results in an outstanding comfort for the patient.
Orfitrans Soft
Not available in North-America. Orfitrans Soft is a tough, flexible, fatigue-resistant material that is crystal clear and easy to mold.
Orfitrans Medium Soft
Orfitrans Medium Soft is a flexible material that is structurally sound and will not cold flow at thinner areas of the flexible interface.
Orfitrans Extra Soft
Orfitrans Extra Soft is the perfect flexible material. The patient comfort is outstanding. It is extremely smooth and does not have a tacky/sticky feel. It also eliminates the need to use powder to prevent stickiness.
Orfitrans Extra Soft Silicone
A feel great flexible material that is not tacky/sticky, eliminating all of the difficulties you experience with other materials. No powder is needed on the inside. It pulls easily and uniformly.


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Orfitrans Excel – innovative PE-copolymer for orthotics and flexible prosthetic sockets

Orfit’s Orfitrans is a well-known range of thermoplastic materials for the production of check sockets and flexible sockets. Orfitrans Excel is the newest type of PE-copolymer that was added to the list. Like all other Orfitrans materials, Orfitrans Excel pulls easily, uniformly and the side walls will not thin…
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