High Precision Immobilization

Orfit’s High Precision Patient Immobilization Systems help support high quality radiation therapy. With a unique combination of high precision masks, high precision head supports, blocks and wedges, high precision hardware, and high precision accessories, Orfit solutions provide greater ease-of-use for therapists, while creating a better patient experience.

  • Thermoplastics with superior molding properties provide the perfect balance of precision and comfort in patient immobilization.
  • The highly stable mask prevents chin-drop and shoulder rotation for increased patient stability.
  • The memory effect allows the therapy team to remold a finished mask as needed, providing significant flexibility for modification during a patient’s treatment or simply to save on waste.
  • Thinner masks result in less absorption and increased skin sparing.
  • Positioning blocks and wedges effectively support different neck shapes and allow for flexion and extension positioning of the head.
  • The quick release system allows for fast and safe removal of the mask from the patient, so patients can complete treatment faster with a more comfortable experience.