Choosing the Most Suitable Orfit Masks for Head and Neck

3 steps to find the right mask for your patient

Every patient is unique. And so is their specific radiation treatment, immobilization set-up, and of course, their thermoplastic mask. That is the reason why we have such a wide range of Orfit Masks.

In this blog post, we help you choose the ideal Head and Neck Mask for your patient based on their specific needs and the immobilization equipment available at your center.




How to choose the most suitable Orfit masks for head and neck?

Step 1: Which kind of base plate do you have in your department?

Select the base plate for which you are searching a suitable mask and save it for the next step. The base plate will determine which profiles your masks need to have in order to fit.

1. Orfit HP base plate: with slots that perfectly fit our L-shaped profiles.
2. Push-pin base plate: compatible with masks with push-pin profiles.
3. S-Type base plate: for Orfit DUON masks.
4. U-Frame base plate: for Orfit UON masks.
5. HP PRO base plate: for HP PRO masks.


Step 2: Which mask range are you looking for?

Now that you have determined the type of base plate you have in your department, and the type of profile(s) the mask should have, you can continue your search in a certain mask range.

1. Orfit HP base plate: High Precision Masks and Pediatric High Precision Masks
2. Push-pin base plate: Push-Pin Masks and Pediatric Push-Pin Masks
3. S-Type base plate: DUON Masks
4. U-Frame base plate: UON masks
5. HP PRO base plate: HP PRO Masks and Pediatric HP PRO Masks


Step 3: Which treatment technique do you use?

Finally, you can determine the needed thermoplastic composition of the mask based on the treatment technique.

  • Single-layer masks: for standard treatments, such as 3D conformal, IMRT or VMAT treatments. The HP PRO single-layer masks are optimized for proton therapy.
  • Hybrid masks: for treatments that require higher precision, such as stereotactic treatments. The hybrid mask provides the required higher degree of immobilization and limitation of patient movement.
  • Open face masks: when using a patient tracking system, such as VisionRT or C-Rad, or when treating a claustrophobic patient. The open face mask is also very useful for pediatric patients who are treated under anesthesia, as it allows the use of the tracheal tube.

The three different types of masks are available in the following product ranges:


Take a look at our Mask Finder for High Precision and Push Pin Masks for a helpful overview of all the steps to find the most suitable mask.


Detailed information about every type of Orfit mask is available on our website. If you have any further questions, please let us know or contact your local Orfit distributor.


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