Orfit High Precision Immobilization Put to the Test

Patient immobilization systems as an active component in high-quality head and neck radiation therapy

Orfit’s successful High Precision Head and Neck Immobilization recipe consists of high performing thermoplastic masks, innovative 3D shaped Head Supports and L-shaped profiles that fix the mask in the base plate. These three components are critical for achieving precise, reproducible and comfortable patient positioning and immobilization.

Published studies from the Instituut Verbeeten (2019), Catharina Hospital (2017) and Memorial Sloan-Kettering (2013) illustrate how the Orfit High Precision (HP) System acts as an active component in high-quality radiation therapy.


Improving the Quality of Radiation Therapy Treatment

Various published studies (Instituut Verbeeten, 2019; Catharina Hospital, 2017; Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, 2013) have shown that the Orfit High Precision (HP) system ensures excellent precision, reproducibility and patient comfort, the three critical goals for improving the quality of radiation therapy treatment:


An extensive range of Orfit masks allows for a perfect balance between patient comfort and restriction of movement.

It is shown that Orfit offers the right solution for every type of treatment. Each type of mask that was tested offered excellent precision and added benefits depending on the needs of the patient and treatment requirements:

  • Single Layer Mask: the right balance between patient comfort and high precision.
  • Hybrid Mask: ideal for even more accuracy, specifically during SRS procedures.
  • Open Face Mask: improves comfort and tolerability while offering the same precision as a single layer mask.

A stereotactic treatment requires millimetre precision to keep translations and rotations as low as possible.

A hybrid mask, in combination with the Orfit High Precision (HP) system, offers the ease of use of a regular thermoplastic mask with an unparalleled horizontal stability and fixation force.

In combination with the unique 3D shaped Head supports, one is able to really achieve a good immobilization and positioning of the patient in a reproducible way.

Patient Comfort

A patient that feels safe and comfortable in a mask, will result in a higher degree of relaxation during treatment. This will eventually lead to a more precise treatment and a more reproducible position.

When comparing the results of patient comfort, the studies show that all types of masks ensure high patient comfort.


Read the full results and conclusions in the High Precision Immobilization White Paper.



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