Sagittilt Prone Breast Solution

Art. N°: 32070
Developed in collaboration with the University Hospital of Liège, Belgium (Prof. P. Coucke).

Treatment of the breast with the patient in prone position is perceived by many to be less comfortable and also less reproducible than the supine position. The Sagittilt Prone Breast Solution solves these issues.

When developing the Sagittilt we looked at those aspects that make the supine breast position comfortable and translated that into a prone immobilization device.

Features & Benefits

Tilting of the patient

Sagittilt has a mechanism that allows rotation of a patient along the sagittal axis in a reproducible and safe way. This rotation makes the breast hang further away from the heart and lung and at the same time it decreases pressure on the ribs and the contralateral breast to improve the comfort.

The advantage of tilting the entire length of the body along the sagittal axis is that it remains flat on the device. The patient can be tilted from 0° to 10° with increments of 1 degree. One person can easily perform the tilt.


High reproducibility of patient position

Sagittilt allows for an optimal reproducibility of the position of a patient by means of supports for the arms, hands, elbows, head and feet that are individually adjustable and indexed, which creates a comfortable, stable and reproducible position for the patient.

The patient’s elbows are positioned in a cup shaped support structure, similar to that in supine breast boards. Once the elbows are positioned on the Sagittilt, the position of the shoulders will also be reproducible for each session and the upper body will remain still during treatment.


Immobilization with a thermoplastic mask

A dedicated thermoplastic mask for the Sagittilt immobilizes the hips of the patient and keeps the patient securely in place when tilting the system.

Both the thermoplastic mask and the elbow support prevent the patient from sliding sideways when using the tilt function. There are three different positions for the thermoplastic mask.

The mask is locked into the board by using two High Precision profiles, which is a patented technology by Orfit.


Easy storage

A smartly designed storage cart comes with each Sagittilt so that the system can be moved around effortlessly and placed on the treatment couch without performing heavy lifting.


Couch indexation

The Sagittilt Prone Breast Solution is attached to the simulation and treatment couch by means of two dedicated 2-pin indexing bars, allowing to place it in a reproducible and safe way on most of the couch tops that are in use.

High-tech design product

Sagittilt is the result of an innovative development process and a high-tech production method involving carbon fibre techniques from the aviation industry. Special attention was given to the design of the product with the purpose of making it patient and user friendly while taking up a minimum amount of space in a treatment or simulation room.