AIO prone breastboard

The yellow cushion set is designed to obtain a comfortable and reproducible patient position for the ”prone breast” treatment technique. This technique keeps the ipsi-lateral breast away from the chest wall and the underlying tissues and reduces the lung, heart and contralateral breast tissue volume that is trapped in the treatment fields.

Yellow-Cushion-SetThe support wedge on the tunnel plate helps in limiting the volume of the sternum and contra-lateral breast tissue that will be caught in the radiation fields.

The use of the elevation cushion increases the total height of the set to 23 cm which allows the treatment of very large pendulous breasts.

The slope in the head cushion allows the arms to drop and thereby reduce the tension in the shoulders during longer imaging and treatment sessions to increase the patient’s comfort.

Lateral inserts in the cushions are used for large patients.Specially developed Efficast masks increase the precision of the treatment. They effectively immobilize the patient in the treated areas by reducing translational and rotational movements.

The head can be positioned by means of two types of head supports:

  • A soft head support in the form of a ring that allows for a comfortable positioning of the head in prone position or sideways.
  • A support that fixes the head rigidly in prone position. This support can be adjusted to fit the anatomy of the patient’s face and allows the use of Efficast masks for added precision.