Couch Tops

The Aerial Couch Top for Proton Therapy

Aerial is an entirely new proton couch top that optimizes the impact of the proton dose. Combined with Nanor Masks, this system brings increased comfort to the patient while safeguarding stability and reproducibility.

The couch top floats on air without rails or other obstructions underneath, which creates a homogeneous treatment area.


Changes in WET Value are limited to less than
0.5 mm WET variation over a 10 cm distance in
longitudinal direction.


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Our Proton Immobilization Solutions

In combination with the Aerial Couch Top, Orfit masks ensure daily accuracy and precision. Our proton-optimized HP PRO masks are available for brain; head, neck and shoulders; and abdomen-pelvis.

All cranial mask profiles are designed without sharp corners or edges to achieve an optimal interaction between the immobilization equipment and the proton beam.

The patented mask locking mechanism clicks on the base plate in two steps and can be quickly released in case of emergency. The masks contribute to minimal patient motion, and maximum comfort by using Nanor thermoplastic materials.

Head-only single layer masks
allow for a PTV margin of 1 mm in proton therapy.

Couch Top Extensions

The Aerial Couch Top consists of a base and a variety of extensions, which are available in different lengths: