The AIO Solution 3.0 – Head, Neck & Shoulders

Meets the immobilization and positioning needs of RT departments, big or small.

Orfit brings high precision and comfort to the positioning and immobilization of patients undergoing radiation treatment for head, neck and shoulder indications. The combination of Orfit thermoplastic masks and positioning devices provides optimal stability.

The Patient Immobilization Systems from Orfit are an active component in achieving a high-quality radiation therapy and precise radiosurgery. The unique features of our thermoplastic materials, in combination with our Head Supports with cranial stop and our L-profiles that fix the masks in the High Precision Hardware, like The AIO Solution 3.0, give you the possibility of choosing the most suitable mask for your patient and the type of treatment that you have planned.

Orfit’s masks are available to meet your specific immobilization requirements including chin only; head only; head and neck; head, neck and shoulders; open-face SGRT compatible, and pediatrics.