SRS-Fix Solution

Because SRS treatment protocols put higher demands on patient immobilization, Orfit tailored a unique fixation solution to support greater precision and daily reproducibility. SRS-Fix is simple to use and very reliable, but most importantly, it offers superior stability for immobilizing a patient’s head.

Easy, fast, trouble-free mask preparation and setup

Unlike other immobilization systems, Orfit provides a single shell, multi-point mask so the molding procedure is very quick. This significantly reduces set-up time so that patient simulation and treatment can commence quickly. The BiteFix device is minimally invasive and helps to further reduce pitch movement.

Highly advanced thermoplastic material

Orfit’s proprietary nanotechnology provides excellent immobilization and fixation without compromising patient comfort. It’s the perfect balance of rigidity matched to comfort, while still offering incredibly low shrinkage.

High precision and reproducibility

The SRS-Fix Solution molds very carefully to the unique definition of the patient’s head in a highly reproducible way. This high precision positioning solution not only helps create a better clinical effect but also delivers more personalized care for these types of advanced treatments.

Operates with existing hardware

Orfit engineered this solution to be compatible with the high precision base plate and head supports to ensure that investment costs would be very low or non-existent. Interoperability is a cornerstone of everything we do.


Product Highlights

A mask that makes a difference: the Orfit SRS-Fix mask

Its hybrid configuration with a Nanor® layer, its controlled shrinkage behaviour, and strong fixation force result in optimal immobilization with a high degree of patient comfort.


BiteFix offers a simple, one-size-fits-all solution to reduce pitch movement. The airway and mask opening ensures comfortable breathing.

Testimonial: User Experience of BiteFix

Hilde Verstraete, Radiation Oncologist at the GZA Ziekenhuizen campus Sint-Augustinus, talks about their experience using BiteFix, the Orfit bite block for SRS treatment:

“Oral devices are used during the irradiation of head and neck tumors for several reasons. In some cases they may only be needed to create a stable spacing between the maxilla and mandibula, but usually we are also aiming for a more caudal position of the tongue to limit the dose on the back of the tongue (e.g. when irradiating maxillary or nasal tumors). It is important to ensure a correct repositioning of the device each time.

In that aspect, BiteFix, the Orfit bite block, offers many advantages because of several elements:

  • The lateral indentations ensure that the patient can easily handle and insert the mouthpiece themselves.
  • Thanks to the dental grooves, there is always a firm depth placement.
  • The part that is protruding the mouth is sufficiently large so that it can be fixed within the immobilization mask
  • The central air opening ensures that breathing is not compromised.
  • The BifeFix comes in two designs; a flat or round shape, depending on the need for additional fixation or extra spacing.
  • The material is not radio-opaque, not compromising image quality.
  • Finally, thorough cleaning is possible, which contributes to better hygiene in case of radiation toxicities like mucositis, ulcerations, etc.

In summary, it is a useful tool that benefits patients undergoing head and neck radiation therapy.”


Customized head support or vacuum bag

Create a personalized patient immobilization solution with your preferred choice of individual head rest: Thermofit or Vacuum Bag.

Discover the set-ups: