The AIO Solution 3.0 – Breast & Lung

Meets the immobilization and positioning needs of RT departments, big or small.

Orfit brings high precision and comfort to the positioning and immobilization of patients undergoing radiation treatment for breast and lung indications. The combination of Orfit thermoplastic masks and positioning devices provides optimal stability.


Daily patient setup made easy
Position of the cushions is easily reproduced for each fraction.

Make patient comfort a priority
Minimal pressure points and soft cushions, designed to fit all anatomies.

Workplace ergonomics
Provide a better workplace experience with lightweight and easy-to-clean immobilization devices that will contribute to a fast working time and higher throughput.

Maximize clearance, minimize collision
The full AIO setup fits in small CT-bores (minimum 65 cm – 25.5″) and reduces the risk of collision with the gantry.

MR safe
All components are available in an MR safe version.