The Extremities Solution

Art. N°: 32103

Immobilizing lower and upper extremities has proven to be a real challenge: large setup errors, patient repositioning during treatment, cumbersome immobilization with the use of vacuum bags and other devices that are not ideal for this type of immobilization.

The extremities solution pays special attention to hands and feet. It’s a dedicated solution that facilitates your treatment plan by avoiding patient repositioning and brings comfort to the treatment.


Testimonial: User Experience of the Orfit Extremities Solution

“Before using Orfit, our process for positioning our patients for imaging and treatment on the extremities used to be a lot more complicated, involving several vacuum bags, custom cushions, and tape. With the Orfit device, our physicians have better access for tight posterior tumors. We like to position the affected leg down, which is more reproducible, especially over multiple fractions. Our doctors also request this board for many of our lower extremity treatments, when the margins are tight and immobilization is critical. For us, it’s all about using the system that will ensure the most accurate treatment for the patients under our care.”

– Razmig Zovigian, Lead Radiation Therapist/MRI/CT at City of Hope


Treatment Solutions

Knee and feet immobilization

Lower extremities are immobilized by use of a leg support, so one leg can be lifted and placed out of the treatment field. The other leg rests on the base plate. Masks can be made on the leg support as well as on the base plate itself. Foam cushions are placed under the knee and heel to provide patient comfort.

Arm and hand immobilization

Upper extremities can be immobilized while the patient is lying on the couch or sitting next to it. In both cases, masks are made over the elbow and hand to obtain an immobilization with excellent reproducibility. Comfort cushions are used under the elbow and hand for patient comfort.

Shoulder immobilization

Shoulder and arm are immobilized with the arm alongside the body. The base plate can be placed off center to increase the flexibility of the arm and shoulder positioning. A left and right sided version of the 5 points shoulder mask are available.