MCP arthroplasty splint

Extension of the MCP joints Postoperative support or postoperative support.

Postoperative synovectomy or arthroplasty (short base).

Fabrication steps
Recommended products
Thicknesses mm (inches)
1,6 mm (1/16")
2,0 mm (1/12")
2,5 mm (3/32")
3,2 mm (1/8")
Non Perforated
Mini Perforated
Macro Perforated
Maxi Perforated
Micro Perforated
Micro Plus Perforated

Model A

Pull the pattern over the thumb all the way down, bring the edges together and stick them temporarily.


Model B

Place the splint pattern on the dorsal aspect of the hand to fit precisely over the MCP joints. Mould the palmar portion proximal to the transverse skin crease. Close with a hook and look tape.


Both models

Mould an Orfitube as shown in the drawing, and stick a Single Orfitube Adjuster to the splint base with an Orfitube in line with the index finger. Make a finger loop with Orfilight, stick an elastic to it and thread through the tube. Provide an adjustable sliding knot.

Mould a second Orfitube to be placed laterally along the index finger with the tip of the tube perpendicularly to the proximal phalanx when in full flexion. Attach a non-elastic cord laterally on the finger ring and tighten only when the index finger is in full extension.


Finishing and fixation:

  • Pay attention to the pressure on the ulnar styloid process.
  • Apply a broad velcro strap proximally under the forearm.