Orfit Crystal NS is the first transparent product on the market. This flexible splinting material gives enough support without immobilizing the patient. The material is easy to reinforce if needed.


  • Transparent at room temperature and during moulding
  • Coated, non-stick material
  • Low elastic memory
  • Flexible material
  • Lightweight
  • Surface with antibacterial properties

How it works and looks

  • Allows observation of underlying anatomy while moulding. Easy to detect pressure points.
  • No accidental bonding. Allows for moulding directly over bandages and cotton linings in post-surgical conditions. Coating allows for temporary bonding during fabrication.
  • Small corrections can be made after reheating locally.
  • Orthosis serves as a call to order to maintain a correct position and prevent dangerous movements. No full immobilization. Patterns are easy to cut with regular scissors.
  • Allows for making lightweight and comfortable orthoses.
  • Prevents cross-contamination between materials in a splinting department and keeps orthoses hygienic for a longer period of time. Orthoses have a longer life cycle.

Recommended applications

  • Circumferential orthoses offering soft and flexible support, for example, lightweight sports braces.
  • Orthoses to monitor healing wounds and scars.
  • Conforming interface between burned skin and a hard shell pressure mask.
  • Proprioceptive and supportive orthoses, especially when resuming daily life activities during and after the recovery process.
Product Information & Education

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