Proton compatible immobilization devices

Did you know that Orfit has a full range of proton compatible immobilization devices, also for pediatrics?

HP PRO Solution is the ideal solution for treating brain, head & neck and spinal tumours with proton therapy. The base plate with its narrow head and neck section allows the gantry to come close to the patient and minimize the air gap. A patient is immobilized with a thermoplastic mask that attaches to the base plate with a patented locking mechanism.

During the design process of HP PRO, we put a heavy focus on developing a locking mechanism that is safe and easy to use. Users of existing systems stated that they were not pleased with the way masks are attached to other types of boards that are already in the market.

The HP PRO profile clicks on the base plates in two steps. First, you slide the caudal part of the profile over the pin in the base plate. Then, you swivel the profile inwards until it clicks into the base plate. This locks the mask securely on to the board.

The profile is designed so that it does not have any sharp corners or edges. This allows the beam to go through the material if necessary.

For the masks, we use Nanor, a thermoplastic material based on nanotechnology. The nanoparticles assure that the mask is stable enough, although it is thin. This mask immobilises the patient in a reproducible way and also offers the necessary comfort to the patient.

A personalised head support can be created with a Moldcare cushion. The cushion is attached to a head support indexing plate in order to create a reproducible set-up on a daily basis.

Testimonial Texas Center for Proton Therapy

The HP PRO Solution by Orfit is one of the best for head and neck/brain patients in the proton world. It is very user friendly and compatible with most of our setups. My favorite feature is the ability to remold a mask if it doesn’t mold to the patient correctly the first time. I have remolded masks various times to get perfect patient alignment. The head rest indexing plates are also a nice touch to the system to ensure the Moldcare doesn’t slip when the patient is being positioned. The sleek, light weight design of the  base plate itself allows a minimal air gap which is essential to reduce penumbra for base of skull treatments. I have personally recommended the HP PRO system to proton centers from Miami to the Netherlands.

Pediatric immobilization devices

Proton therapy is a very suitable treatment technique for pediatric patients. That is why we have a complete pediatric product line of the HP PRO Solution. There is a product range for patients between 0 and 7 years old with a base plate and masks and a product range for patients between 8 and 16 years old.

MR Safe immobilization devices

All the adult and pediatric base plates and accessories are available in an MR safe version. This allows you to perform an MRI scan of the patient in the treatment position.


Extracranial immobilization

A thermoplastic abdomen-pelvic mask allows immobilising a patient for extracranial proton treatments. The mask is attached to the base plate with push-pins. It is made of the Orfit Efficast thermoplastic material, which is used in all our photon therapy masks for extracranial applications.

The mask can be combined with a vacuum bag underneath the patient for additional reproducibility of the position, as well as for comfort and stability.


Photon therapy

The complete HP PRO product range can also be used for photon therapy. We have a wide range of extensions and overlays available for different treatment couches.



Radiation Oncology Product Specialist

Written by Emilie Cuypers, M.Sc Applied Engineering

Radiation Oncology Product Specialist at Orfit Industries.

Emilie has been working for Orfit since 2011. She has travelled the world visiting cancer centers and teaching the staff how to correctly use the Orfit products.

She is also involved in the R&D process of the products and makes sure that the products meet the needs of the market.


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