Hands-On Workshops on October 25, 2022 at the upcoming ASRT Radiation Therapy Conference

We are always happy to hear how easy our systems are to use. We know you have a choice in positioning devices, and we continue to be inspired when you try Orfit products and see the workflow and patient comfort benefits right away. We are working hard to give you more opportunities to try Orfit solutions, and we are thrilled to be joining the clinical program at ASRT this year with two hands-on workshops:

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Note that ASRT conference registration is required. If you are unable to attend ASRT, feel free to complete the form anyway and an Orfit representative will follow up with you to schedule a demonstration at your center.


Workshop #1: SBRT Immobilization | October 25, 2022 at 8:00 am CT + 10:45 am CT | @ASRT San Antonio

Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy puts high demands on patient immobilization. Orfit’s full-body immobilization systems enhance patient comfort and safety while adding to the value of your stereotactic treatment.

See how the AIO Solution 3.0 supports fast and easy set-up, especially for thoracic and abdominal tumors. Learn how to set up the AIO SBRT baseplate and the supine lung and breast cushions, with the knee cushions and foot supports. Apply manual compression with the compression bridge and paddle as well as the compression belt. Compression with a thermoplastic mask will also be demonstrated.


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Workshop #2: Mask Molding with Advanced Nanor Immobilization | October 25, 2022 at 9:15 am CT or 12:00 pm CT | @ASRT San Antonio

Learn how to use the newest Nanor technology from Orfit to form a strong, yet incredibly thin mask that fits around a patient like a surgical glove for superior comfort and ease of use.

This controlled nanoparticle framework substantially reduces the shrinkage after cooling. See it in action and practice other molding techniques for more complex masks, including open face, hybrid, and extremities solutions.



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